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Corporate Yacht Ownership

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Bachmann Yachts understand that each owner has an individual approach to owning and using yachts. With our knowledge and expertise we will manage the whole experience, from acquisition to disposal, expertly and discreetly, and as we have done so for over 20 years..

In today’s fast moving world, the protection and privacy of the yacht owner and his personal assets is of the greatest importance.

Yacht owners frequently decide to incorporate a limited liability company to take legal ownership of their yacht, providing an effective way to mange its ownership and operation.  In doing so this provides a protective ring fence from other business and personal affairs to which the management of the yacht may operate, including contracting crew, suppliers, insurance, berthing and other running costs.

Such companies are mainly set up either in the British offshore territories, Guernsey, Jersey, the BVI, or onshore in the UK. These jurisdictions provide a well established, regulated, and stable framework in addition to operating some of the worlds leading yacht registers.

Bachmann Yachts are able to incorporate and operate yacht owning and yacht management companies in all mentioned jurisdictions, including the provision of directors, secretary, nominee shareholders, registered office and agent.

Our yacht owning companies may be used for yachts both in private or charter use, for owners from any part of the world, and wishing to sail any of the worlds oceans.  The choice of jurisdiction for yacht owning and yacht management companies is influenced by many factors, and Bachmann will provide guidance and support, working alongside an owners family office or advisors.

Who should be interested?

  • All new yacht owners
  • Existing owners who's yachts are privately registered
  • Captains and owners representatives responsible for a new build project
  • Familiy office and private client firms 
  • Brokers and yacht managers

What else we do.. 

Bachmann Yachts is authorised and regulated in all areas of yacht operation, enabling us to provide an in house all encompassing service to our clients, including yacht registration services, crew employment and payroll, safety and security management and yacht administration.

For further information please contact Gary Le Cras – Director and Head of Yachting Services