Bachmann Yachts employ crew through Guernsey, BVI and New Zealand using efficient tax and social security structures as well as employment contracts that meet
MLC requ­ire­ments.

Bachmann Yachts are part of a specialised marine employment group that is one of the oldest and the largest providers of payroll services and offshore employment solutions in Europe.

Operating in the field of commercial shipping since the early eighties, it is now able to offer its expertise and experience to the yachting industry at very competitive rates.  Annually, the group is responsible for the employment and payroll of thousands of mariners with salaries totalling appro­ximately US$1 billion a year using the latest payroll software systems and automated bank transfer systems.

Bachmann Yachts is located in Guernsey in the Channel Islands - a Crown Dependency and as such is neither part of the UK, nor a member of the EU.  This allows Bachmann Yachts the freedom and ability to provide a full range of employer options.

Through the use of our Guernsey, BVI and New Zealand structures, we are able to offer employment solutions tailored for different nati­ona­lities that are both tax efficient for the employees as well as removing the employer from any secondary employer Social Security contri­butions.

To meet the requirements of the Inter­national Safety Management and Security Codes (ISM & ISPS) we are able to offer a vetting service to ensure that your crew are operating to the required standards of your Flag State.

The vetting service comprises of a detailed analysis of the quali­fica­tions, experience and references of a repre­sen­tative number of the crew serving on those yachts complying with the Codes.